Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Banner our co-op made for Radical Routes - aint it pretty!


July 2009

Random camel

Well lets start with the greens, our allotment has got a mini field of broad beans which is really going for it, our pear and walnut trees are producing there first wee pears and walnuts, and the chard never ends.

We found a house that we all loved and the people that owned it really wanted us to have it, but alas it was not meant to be and they had to sell sooner then we could move.

We also made an offer on another house but this was also rejected as to low, we thought they were asking to much.

Here’s to the big crash, we’ll get there in the end

Our food co op is still ticking along and in the process of trying to move venue, fingers crossed, it could be right in the centre of town!

Still enjoying an end to the dreaded fox hunting season but not long now and there’s always mink hunts.

Were still showing transition films and meetings, and am going to try making a bike trailer from scrap.

For RR work gems still doing finance group, Helen is on CSG and johns looking to go to publicity group from CSG next gathering.

Hello to the world of blog

Just a quick hello from Random Camel HQ!

But whats a random camel and what's a housing co-op I hear you cry.
Well we happen to think that housing co-op's are the best thing since sliced bread and since we decided to start one here in our strange town (Ipswich) we thought we should we should let you know all about it.

You can expect to see lots of our leaflets and propaganda on here as well as stuff we write for Radical Routes (a national secondary co-op we're part of) as well as things we're part of and pics of us and what we're up too.
Also expect heart-rending stories of our very (very) slow progress to being a fully housed co-op.

So welcome and take a meandering stroll through the fragrant halls of the house of Random Camel.

Nb. Please note that we don't actually have a house yet (we'll just have to make do with this for now) but rest assured you'll get an invite round for tea when we do have one.