Monday, 14 March 2016

Ipswich housing co-op seeks new members

Who would like to live in a community with seven adults, one cat, and 

two part-time children?

We have a
room to let until may 10th (call or email to discuss details & options) and one membership vacancy
Rent is £55 per week, which is within the local housing benefit rate and there is no council tax to pay.


Our vision is to create a better Ipswich – we're looking for a proactive motivated person, happy to band together and initiate building work, work on radical social change projects or community engagement, or take an active role in the administrative side of running the co-op.We are a community in its infancy so your influence will make a strong impact. The right person for our community will be respectful of other members' needs, open to listening, honest and supportive. We expect to give the same in return and recognise that this depends on a constant commitment to good communication. All co-op decisions are arrived at by consensus.We also pool resources to buy organic, fair trade and local produce communally from our independent food co-operative. We split all bills equally.Current members range in age from early 20s to late 40s, with a wide range of skills and experience. We put on events, help run the Ripple food co-op, and our interests include ATS belly-dancing, horticulture, foraging, wildlife conservation, music, cycling and mechanics.
Here's some criteria to help us see if we're right for each other:
A commitment to co-operative principles and radical social change.The ability to communicate in a co-operative way.Participation in home-making – energy efficiency, construction, tidying and washing up!We have an evolving set of agreements for how we live together, called our Secondary Rules, on a separate blog pageThese will help you decide on our mutual compatibility.

Our housing co-op is a member of the Radical Routes network, we're a vegetarian/vegan household (one kitchen each) with no smoking indoors. We often eat together and cook with fresh ingredients every day, sourced from the Community Supported Agriculture scheme in Rushmere. In return, we do some work on the farm about once a fortnight.

Interested in applying?
We want everyone who applies to be at the same stage as others so that we minimise the chances of any unfair advantages and inequalities, but if you're interested please be pro-active and invite yourself to our events, get stuck in on work that we're doing and generally impose yourself on us! We very much welcome visits, emails, telephone calls, post, etc. from anyone interested.