Monday, 4 April 2016

Rojava Events and other upcoming things

Rojava Events:

We have a Film Night on 24/04, starting at 8pm about the co-operative movement and worker co-ops in Rojava, an autonomous region in Northen Syria with a largely Kurdish population. Rojava is fighting back against the threat of Daesh - the so-called Islamic State (aka ISIS/ISIL), and the ongoing war in Syria (note on the Syrian civil war: there is currently a partial 'cessation of hostilities', not including attacks on UN-designated terrorist organizations such as Daesh and al Qaeda’s Syrian front, al Nusra), by developing a society based on principles of direct democracy, gender equality, and sustainability.

Bring and share food and snacks; all food needs to be veggie (preferably vegan) and no almonds or brazil nuts

We also have an all day event & benefit gig coming up on 28/05, raising money for the co-operative movement in Rojava. Suggested entry donation £5.

More details to be announced soon.

More upcoming things:

We have a Work Party on Sunday 17th and Monday 18th April. Jobs will include lots of painting, work in the garden (weather permitting), re-potting, and more.
Come along, bring friends and your favourite CDs. Skill sharing, and large amounts of tea and coffee will be available.

The Prison Letter Writing group will be on 27/05 starting at 8pm. Lists of prisoners you can write to, help and advice for writing the letters, and lots of old magazines and pictures to cut up and use will be on offer.

Random Camel now has a facebook group for keeping you guys posted about our events, gigs etc.: Regular Events @ Random Camel

Event announcements and general updates will still also be posted here on the blog.