Friday, 28 September 2012

 Work weekend photos, as promised. Illustrating the process of applying hemp and lime internal wall insulation - contact us if you want to know more about it or want to come help and learn how. We have finished downstairs, still have 3 rooms upstairs to do. We'll probably also be doing it externally next spring. We'll be plastering over these inside walls when they've cured in 2 months time, thye'll be the best finished i reckon because we're practising plastering everywhere else in the house right now! Scratch coat swirl patterns psychedelic walls. x

Making the shuttering which will hold the hemcrete in place against the wall while it dries
Giving it a bit more welly - two blocks of wood.
First attempt - being polite with the hemcrete - tamping it down with a block of wood, having got it all gloopy in Karl's cement mixer.
Heave! Squishing in the awkward bit under the window sill

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Completion! Moving!

we got this in our veg box this week, hee hee...
Yes, we did it, after 2 years and 2 months of purchase nightmare, Random Camel Housing Co-op own 23-27 Foundation St, Ipswich. Completed on Friday 14th, coordinated our first work weekend, packed moved from and cleaned the address some of us previously lived at until the following Wednesday, and are now camping out on our very own building site. In a giant tent pitched on old carpet in the nettley garden. Better photos to follow soon - all the cameras are in boxes hidden under other boxes!

The hemcrete is progressing apace - most of 2 downstairs rooms done, 3 upstairs to go, the hem-crew have got their semi nocturnal groove on. Almost all the repointing is done and we're practicing with the lime plaster. Its demoralising to keep finding blown areas of original plaster when you think youve done all the chipping away and scraping and sweeping of dust. We're all fully dusted now - unwanted dreadlocks abound, as well as chapped dry skin and lips. Aqueous cream and latex gloves are being deployed.

Our previous-insurance-claim boiler has been deemed unfit for purpose as it only powersone of the three showers we have at a time, and then oly if you dont turn a tap on elsewhere. Something else to pursue them for. However, having a hot shower is being enthusiastically and noisily appreciated!

A window in the attic-hatch room mysteriously got fixed, while another elsewhere got broken and then got fixed in swift and sheepish fashion. Recycling bins got sorted. One kitchen has food in it and sometimes that food is cooked in it, while another kitchen has plastering tools in it. The drains got blocked with lime and hemcrete. Scrabble is to be played, a squat-chic one-night-and-one-table-only bistro appears. Holes where old wall light fittings once were, fill up. Furniture is constantly shifted, sometimes out of the house to the dump. Sunlight beams through the window panes, silhouetting delicate geranium foliage, illuminating beautiful floorboards.

Everythings overwhelming. We need help and are working there most days, please drop by if you want to lend a hand, its more fun with more people! :-)  Or bring us lunch or cake xx