Sunday, 10 January 2010

Upcoming Event at UCS

As a follow up to the evening we hosted in November last autumn at the Spinney (which has now been listed Grade 2!) Random Camel Housing Co-op has organised another evening of information and discussion:.
Room W115, Waterfront Building, University Campus Suffolk, Ipswich.
7pm ending no later than 9:30pm

We'll be talking about creating a communal, environmentally-sound living space for those in and around Ipswich, using a tried and tested financial model: buying a property without any need for personal wealth, as a housing co-operative.

So what would be your ideal home?
(best Lloyd Grossman voices now)

Possibilities include: a roomy house with shared facilities, an urban transition terrace, a peri-urban or completely rural land project, eco-village, eco-forest-dwellings, yurt community, barges at Pin Mill...?

Please come and proffer your dream!
Random Camel Housing Co-op needs more members for our own plan to work, but if the plan isn't appealing then we want to know what would be! We want to know how you all want to live. So we'll introduce ourselves, there'll be an interactive ideal-home-mapping activity, sharing of ideas, and information from the Radical Routes network on how to make our dreams happen in the real world.

And cake.

If you can, forward and print and display the attached poster. Thanks.