Monday, 23 April 2012

Shocked to hear of progress

Doing our accounts is fun!

Yes it's the cellar...there is no ground floor anymore

'Cause these guys dug it up!

The room next door fares little better

Houseplants wait anxiously for the work to be complete

That heap was a partition wall

A mini-giant yellow machine squats in the garden

Meanwhile, members of the co-op organise a wicked pro-biking event 23rd June at the Brewery Tap
Flowers! They're not edible...

But they ain't half pretty

Down on our allotment...
Where the vegetables grow themselves! Wherever they want!

You may have guessed from the photos that the subsidence remediation work started on time, and Week 2 commences in 6 hours. We're scampering around hiring 'leccies, chimney sweeps and insulation experts, notifying insurers, solicitors and lenders, and reeling from the speed of progress!

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