Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Top coat plaster island patchwork in big room, where our first events will be held next week

Final hemcreting in Mandy's roon, we're using NHL2 lime as binder instead of Batichanvre, but its got shrinkage problems, so we're nailing and screwing it into the wall. Got savvy to hemcrete mixture getting everywhere, by clingfiling over windows...

Frankie paints her room! With ecopaint! Wow, decoration...

Gem's room...can you spot the hemcrete amidst the abundant normality? Rescued secondary glazing panels make me slightly less draughty! Excess loft insulation under my floroboards too cause im above the garage. I love my garrett room :-)

Simon's 8" strap-on...hones thtats what he called it!

What will probaably be the pampas grass' most beautiful face

Our house is bristing with scaff...a roofer fell off today! But he's unharmed phew.

The bright lights of Ipswich's First bus depot, and beyond!

A mirage of domesticity - Adam cooks curry for dinner. Kate embroidered the groin.

''This bowl..!"

Works at the house are rapidly progressing - we want a warmable space ready for xmas!
All thats left to hemcrete is Mandys room, which unfortunately is the BIGGEST wall we've had to do so far! Preparing the shuttering and frames was annoyingly laborious today, we didnt have big enough screws or dril bits. Jim saved us by suggesting counterboring first.
Once that walls done we can get the radiators connected back up.
Top coat plaster in the big room is headed by John, Helen and Gemma. Adam and Mandy are learning scratch coat, of which the only remaning portion is in the hallway.
We got the internet! This is the first blog post from our own house.
We got our electrics finished! Sockets can now be used upstaurs, and theres light in the garage and passageway. Woopee.

We've had tense text conversations about washing up and who does more.

And a strange spiky gelatinous mushroom has grown out of the ceiling in the kitchen, due to a damp patch left by the shower leaking - this is something we're contacting the insurance contractors who were called out a year ago on behalf of the previous owner.

Over and out. x

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