Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity - 22nd Jan

We are holding a letter writing group this Sunday for Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity, 7pm onwards
Postcards, vegan food, and help working out what to write will be available


Trans Prisoner Day of Action on January 22nd is a day to acknowledge the experiences of trans and other sex and gender-minority prisoners. It’s about collaboration. It is about forging new relationships and dismantling the isolation of prison. It’s about resistance to state violence.

This project was first imagined by Marius Mason, a trans prisoner in Texas, USA. Since then, through his friends and supporters, an international collection of people both inside and outside of prison walls have come together to make Trans Prisoner Day of Action a reality. Join with us in the struggle for freedom.


  1. Good initiative taken for the trans prisoners. It is important to consider them as a part of our society and give them their due right. Kudos to the person who officially declared this day!

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