Friday, 16 October 2015

Previously unreadable post - Fundraising gig 18th September

This Friday we have a fundraiser gig for The Oak Tree Farm CSA  with music from the brilliantly talented Chantelle Love and the incredible Elly Tree! There will also be a fire pit into the night and a lot of beer to be drunk :-) Consider yourselves invited!

We'll be asking for donations of £3-£5 [give what you can for unwaged/concessions] on the door and drink & snacks available on donation too. Please give generously to keep this wonderful project alive and well, so it can nourish the local community for many more seasons and years to come.

The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm produces excellent food while really caring for the environment. It's a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Ipswich. Funds raised will be spent on bridging the gap to pay the people who run this excellent project the national minimum wage, and buy new equipment.
This is the last weekend of the crowdfunding campaign so every penny helps to get the farm closer to its target and save it from closure. [For more info on the crowdfunding and how to give something even if you can't make it to this event please see the website].

Thanks for reading and for all your support.

Also a special thanks to those who came along to our open day on Saturday and took part in workshops. I ran my first workshop and you guys made it a great experience :-) Much love xxx


  1. When I was younger I don't have money to put on fundraising campaigns but now that I am working I can now help them.

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  3. Let us help save a life of a woman who suffers cancer by fund raising for her treatment.

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