Friday, 16 October 2015

Previously unreadable post - open day on Saturday 12th September

Random Camel Co-op Open Day extravaganza !

Saturday 12th September

It's our open day next Saturday and we're getting ready to throw open our doors and welcome people with a day of workshops, activities, info sharing, and meeting new people. We got so excited that it's now extended beyond our own four walls!

Here's roughly what we've got drawn up:

10.00  Tea

10.30  Discussion/workshop: What are co-ops? A short history.

11.00  Tour of the house

11.30  Workshop: Introduction to Radical Routes 

12.30  Either A) Open slot for anyone to talk about their own projects
                      B) Food co-op tour [at CAB office on Tower Street]

1.30 - 2.30  Lunchtime

2.30  Workshop: introduction to Concensus decision-making and faciliting meetings

4.00  Tour of the house

4.30  Feedback/open slot [?]

4.30  Discussion/workshop: 'Living with Camels' discussion and workshop for those interested in             joining the co-op.

5.00  Garage door painting [bring old clothes]

Farm party in Rushemere from 7pm - all welcome!

Visual/ongoing things throughout the day:
People needing projects/projects needing people board
Visioning - what do you want to see happening and be part of?
Kids' space and activities

All welcome! Bring friends and enough food to share [no meat or almonds/brazil nuts though] :-)

If you're travelling from out of town and need to stay over let us know in advance and we should be able to put you up for the night.


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