Friday, 22 July 2016

Our next work weekend is this weekend, Sat 23rd + Sun 24th, when we attempt the epic task of putting the massive wooden frame we've almost finished building on top of the wall we've rebuilt parts of, and then try to put in some windows and walls, and possibly begin making some rafters.

But there are various things happening and not all of them need building expertise, just desire to learn new skills and appreciation of resourcefulness + DIY ethos.

This is roughly what a work day looks like...

Breakfast + planning 9am
Work commences 10am
Lunch + review tasks 
Work on a different thing/finish what you were doing
Dinner 7pm
Tidy up, crack open some beers + hang out

As always there'll be free vegan food throughout the day and a fire in the evening. Wear your scuzziest least precious clothes + bring your favourite music. Crash space available.

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