Sunday, 10 July 2016

Work Days

So it's Summer and we have lots of work to do here at the house of random camel. Our regular film nights have been put on hold until the Autumn, and we're busy putting a new roof on the extension, growing some lovely veg in the garden, paint-stripping and painting, all-sorts of exciting things!

We have some work days coming up that we'd love some of you lovely people to come along to. There will be breakfast from 9am with work starting at 10am each day, lunch at about 1pm, and dinner and a fire in the garden in the evening. So come along and help out with the painting and building and roof work etc. There will be skill sharing and lots of tea and coffee.


16/07 & 17/07

Some photos of recent work days:

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  1. Well very nice guys your work is simply awesome and i can understand its really time taking and hardworking profession but i appreciate your way of expressing your feelings..